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Solutions to problems with laser marking machines

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The laser marking machine occasionally has problems. If the problem cannot be solved in time, it may affect the delivery time of the product. In fact, although the maintenance of the laser marking machine is more troublesome, the principle is very simple, and there are some problems that we can solve by ourselves :
Fault 1: The laser intensity drops and the mark is not clear enough
1. Whether the laser cavity changes; fine-tune the cavity lens. Make the best output spot;
2. Acousto-optic crystal deviation or low output energy of acousto-optic power supply; adjust the position of acousto-optic crystal or increase the working current of acousto-optic power supply;
3. The laser entering the galvanometer is off-center: adjust the laser;
4. If the current is adjusted to about 20A and the sensitivity is not strong enough: the krypton lamp is aging, replace with a new one.
Fault 2: Krypton lamp cannot be triggered (refer to NTP power supply manual)
1. Check all power connections;
2. The high-pressure krypton lamp is aging, replace the krypton lamp.
Fault 3: One long and three short alarms when online
There are several reasons and troubleshooting methods below
1. The software does not work, the motherboard is loose, please reinsert the computer when you turn it on.
2. When the Q drive alarm light is on, check whether the 37 pins and 15 pins are loose, and whether the Q switch is properly watered.
3. When the laser power alarm light is on, check whether the chiller is turned on and whether the lamp tube is damaged (if damaged, the lamp tube needs to be replaced).
Failure 4: The reason for not emitting light
There are several reasons and solutions
1. The light path screws of the whole machine are loose, and the screws need to be tightened.
2. Whether there is too much dust in the gun body to prevent the gun endoscope from being injured. If found, the gun endoscope must be replaced.
3. When the chiller is turned on for a long time without turning on the laser power and lighting, it will cause freezing and no light. You need to turn off the power system of the whole machine for 1 hour and then restart it.
4. The lamp must be replaced if the lamp is aging or the laser power drops.
5. After working for a long time, the laser power drops, open the bottom cover of the gun body, you need to adjust the gun endoscope.
Fault 5: common computer problems
There are the following problems
1. Check whether the graphics during processing are complicated.
2. Do not connect the online computer to the Internet cable, it is a separate control laser system.
3. Running slowly, please don't be too impatient at this time to avoid crash.
4. Please pay attention to prevent viruses to prevent system errors.
Fault 6: The XY axis of the worktable is not punctual
1. Are the screws of the slide rail of the worktable loose?
2. The glass on the workbench is determined according to the customer's requirements, and the iron plate or plexiglass plate can be replaced, and the balance under the glass can be adjusted.
3. Electronic rulers can be installed on the right and upper and lower corners of the workbench, which can be installed to facilitate the needs of customers.
4. The screw holes on the workbench are convenient for customers to locate, which is denied by the product.
Fault 7: Jumping during operation, and the position is roughly fixed
The following reasons and troubleshooting methods:
1. The timing belt is stretched for too long and deformed-----replace a new timing belt.
2. There is dirt in the pinion groove of the small and small gear reduction wheel device-----clean the dirt in the pinion groove.
3. Dirt on the pinion of the drive shaft-----clean the dirt on the gear groove of the drive shaft.
Fault 8: The start and end points of the closed line are not closed
There are several reasons:
1. The timing belt is too loose-----Tighten the timing belt.
2. The connection between the gear and the shaft is loose-----tighten again.
3. X-axis guide rail and Y-axis guide rail are not vertical-adjust the verticality of X and Y-axis guide rails.
4. Large gap between the slider and the guide rail-----replace the slider.
Fault 9: If you encounter a situation that cannot be cut through
There are several reasons and troubleshooting methods:
1. The vertical light is not correct---adjust the vertical light and readjust the light path if necessary.
2. Improper focus adjustment ---- readjust the focus.
3. The voltage is unstable and the voltage is low. The laser current is too small. Replace a larger voltage stabilizer and increase the laser current output.
4. The light outlet of the air nozzle is blocked by sputtering material----clean the air nozzle.
5. Protect the air from being blocked---clean the air pump, air filter, and check the air circulation path.
6. The reflector and focusing lens are contaminated-clean the reflector and focusing lens with cleaning fluid.
7. The power of the laser tube is down-replace the laser tube.
8. The light emitting control module on the main board is faulty --- replace the main board.
9. There is a potentiometer device, the potentiometer is set too small or its own failure-adjust the potentiometer setting or replace the potentiometer.
10. The energy setting in the software is too small-increase energy.
11.Material issues-please choose the right material
12. The focusing lens is cracked or the focusing effect is poor-replace the focusing lens.
13. There is too much dirt in the laser tube and the heat dissipation effect is poor-choose pure water.


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